Loung Chhiv

Loung has been involved with Grace House for many years, as a teacher, head teacher and special needs manager. Loung returned to Grace House in November 2018 taking on the role of Executive Director and Project Manager


Dani Chan

Dani has been with GHCC from the start,  first has a teacher then a social worker. Her role now is social worker, manager of family support and disability programmes and Director.


Sarang Seam

Sarang, known as Koy, manages the children with a disability programme. She is a qualified physiotherapist and dedicated to inclusion and improving the lives of children with special needs. Koy's professionalism ensures the children receive the best possible education, therapies, opportunities to play and be part of the local community.

Disability Programme Manager

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Adminstation and Adviser

Office Manager/Accountant Maly 


Punleu (Head Teacher) with her team of teacehrs

Family Support and Special Needs

Social Work Manager Dani, social worker Srey Thea with Disability Manager Koy, and our team of cooks, carers and tuk tuk driver.

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Grace House Community Centre is a local Cambodian NGO and a charitable trust in England and Wales - Grace House Cambodia Trust