Cambodian Committee

Our Cambodian committee works on the ground, ensuring GHCC is meeting local needs. The committee overseas in-country spending and projects.

Grace House is currently reforming its board of directors. Watch this space for information

UK Committee

Our UK trustees ensure we follow the Charity Commission guidelines. For more information about Grace House Cambodia Trust. 

Live in England or Wales ? Interested in becoming a trustee?


To find out more about being a trustee from the Charity Commission

Bridget Cordory


Bridget is one of the original founders of GHCC and managed the project in Cambodia for 8 years. Now working in social care and the arts in Gloucestershire, Bridget remains actively involved with GHCC

Jennifer Jones


Jennifer has volunteered at GHCC every year and teaches in the Tiger and Rhino class. A teacher in the UK, she passes her skills to local staff. 

Catherine Steer


Cathy is an occupational therapist who spent a year in Cambodia and has volunteered at GHCC. Her knowledge of disability issues is a welcomed skill to the committee

Mary Carter

Committee Member

Mary is a strong supporter of GHCC's work and philosophy. Mary has a background in the NHS and has been actively involved in disability charities for many years

Josh Novak

Committee Member

Josh has a background in finance and has volunteered at Grace House

Diana Tomaszko

Committee Member

Diana is an occupational therapist who spent 6 month working with the Children with a Disability programme at GHCC. Her knowledge of disability issues in Cambodia is a welcomed skill to the committee

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Grace House Community Centre is a local Cambodian NGO and a charitable trust in England and Wales - Grace House Cambodia Trust