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Charity Committees


Cambodian Committee


UK Board of Trustees

Our Cambodian committee ensure we follow the Cambodian Ministry of Interior guidelines and works on the ground to ensure Grace House is meeting local needs.

The committee overseas all in-country operations and funds.

Our UK trustees ensure we follow the UK Charity Commission guidelines and work to raise awareness and funds to benefit Community Centre of Grace House Organization. 

Loung Chhiv

Project Manager

Diana Mihalop


Diana is an Occupational Therapist by background and worked in the special needs classes between October 2015- July 2016. She keeps in regular contact with the Cambodian Committee and with the UK Trustees, and coordinates support where needed.

Jennifer Jones


Jennifer has volunteered at Grace House for many consecutive years and teaches in the Tiger and Rhino class. A teacher in the UK, she passes her skills to local staff.

Annette Wood


Annette volunteered at Grace House for 6 months in 2019, supporting the team with office and organisational tasks. She built a good working relationship with the staff while out there and has a good knowledge on the workings of the organisation.

Carmel Phelan


Carmel worked at Grace House in 2015-2016 as Volunteer Coordinator and also used her expertise in Early Years Education to develop the Early Years curriculum for Grace House.

Josh Novak


Josh volunteered at Grace House Community Centre in 2016 in the Dragons and Eagles class and he became a Trustee of GHCT in 2018. He is a qualified accountant and works in banking.

Interested in becoming a trustee?


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