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Children with Disabilities

Meeting Individual Needs


Children thrive with stimulation, structured play and social interaction.  One of the core aims of our programme is to provide a stable, secure and nurturing environment with a focus on meeting the individual needs of our students. Our programme involves an individual assessment for each child following which we develop a therapeutic intervention plan to create the best possible opportunities for each student.

The enriched learning environment offered by our classrooms helps students learn and grow and we encourage the children to make choices for themselves, thus supporting their development.  Extra assistance with life skills, physical rehabilitation plans, personal care and communication enables children to achieve their full potential.  Breaking down barriers, increasing involvement in the community and trying new experiences are all part of our approach. Our social workers also provide emotional support for children and their families.


Education Programme


Our education programme is run by local, trained staff and we offer a structured programme designed for each individual child. Our students’ education is enhanced by specialist volunteers who are experienced in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and, or speech therapy. Classes involve a range of activities to support the development of cognitive, physical, communication, and social skills.  Our goal is to assist students on their progression to employment and independence and our courses focus on developing life skills in support of this objective.

Over time, some children move out of this programme into the general education programme while others continue with those curricula best-designed to support their needs.

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