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Education Programme

Overall Structure


Our education programme commences with early years classes and continues through to secondary level education.  Approximately 120 students are taught by local teachers providing two half-day sessions for students also attending half-day classes at state school. Classes consist of Khmer and English, and general education in science, maths, geography, information technology, physical education and art.  In addition to purpose-built classrooms, a small library provides children with the opportunity to develop a love of books and our IT room offers access to computers where children build their knowledge and understanding of technology.


State School Support


We support our children’s continued education through the state schooling system by providing bicycles, uniforms and supplies that families may often not be able to afford.  Our social work team liaises with state schools and families to reduce drop-out rates since many children leave school early to help their families, go to work, or care for younger siblings or relatives.


Early Years

There is limited access to early years education in our community, especially when parents are unable to pay.  To overcome this, we provide two half-day sessions throughout the week, led in Khmer, for children aged 3 to 4. The structure is founded upon play and focusses on developing numeracy skills, Khmer literacy and very basic English.


University and Vocational Scholarships


Our programme looks beyond secondary level education and for students eager to pursue further or higher education we can provide support and sponsorship for both degrees and vocational programmes.

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