Education for All

English Language, General Education and Khmer Lessons


200 students a day are taught by local teachers who are assisted by native English speaking volunteers. Children attend 1/2 day at GHCC and 1/2 day state school. A small library gives the children a love of books and the IT suite gives access to learning computer skills. Exploring life skills and leadership prepare our students for a better future and help them say "NO" to abuse. It is not all work though; art and sports play a big part in our week.

 State School Support


Assisting children to continue their education in state schools by providing bikes, school uniform and supplies. Our social workers liaise with the  state schools and families to prevent school drop out. Many children leave school early to help their families, go to work or care for younger siblings. We support the families to find alternative solutions and prevent child labour. 

Early Years

There is limited access to early years education in the area, especially if parents are unable to pay. GHCC provides a free 1/2 day programme in Khmer for children from 3 years. The programme is play based with numeracy , Khmer literacy and basic English.

University and Vocational Training Scholarships


 Young people are provided with financial support for university or training fees.

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Grace House Community Centre is a local Cambodian NGO and a charitable trust in England and Wales - Grace House Cambodia Trust