The Khmer Rouge Regime who ruled between 1975-1979 destroyed all systems of education in Cambodia resulting now in many adults having only a very basic level of education.

Our Education programme aims to improve this situation for the current generation of children and young people.

Starting with the Early Years and following through to University or Vocational Training sponsorship. 

Our programme works alongside the state education system and provides students with much needed skills for the future

Family Support
and wellbeing

Without a safe home, clean water, sanitation, a caring environment and adequate food,  children fail to thrive and learn.

Our family support programme addresses these issues through working directly with families.

Through our Social Work department we support families with practical aid in the form of house repairs, clean water and sanitation systems, health care, university fee assistance and monthly rice aid.

We also offer emotional support and referral pathways for students wanting to access higher education or vocational training .

Children with

With the historic changes in education due to the Khmer Rouge Regime children with disabilities have largely been left out of laws governing education. In 2007 children with disabilities were acknowledged in the Education Law.

In 2012 Grace House began working with children who have disabilities to provide education, support and meet practical needs including care and accommodation.


Over a period of time and with the support of specialists we developed a special needs curriculum to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities, delayed development and neurodevelopmental disorders

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Community Centre of Grace House Organization is a local Cambodian NGO and is supported by Grace House Cambodia Trust  - a charitable trust in England and Wales

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