Sustainable Development

 We work with semi-rural communities that rely mainly on subsistence fishing or farming to make their living. Some of the children's parents have a market stall and a few are rubbish collectors, tuk tuk or moto drivers. We work closely with the village and commune officials to ensure we are meeting local needs.  Grace House believes strongly in educating children to enable them to have a better future, and empowering  parents to provide for their children. 

Since 2005, there has been a 75% increase in the number of orphanages in Cambodia, many of these are in Siem Reap. Nearly 80% of children placed in orphanages have one living parent and numerous reports have shown children fail to thrive in institutions.  Poverty is the main reason parents quote for placing their children in orphanages. By supporting  the families we give them the opportunity to educate and feed their children while maintaining the family unit.



Community / Alternative Care Program

 We believe children thrive better in a family environment. We aim to seek safe and secure family placements for children from broken homes or at times of crisis.

Rice Aid 

Families who struggle to feed their children are supported with a sack of rice a month. 

Older Persons Program and Elderly Support 

Grandmothers are often left looking after the family while parents migrate for work. Many old people are also isolated from their communities.  In partnership with Help Age Cambodia and the community, we support an Older Perons Program in Koh Krahn village with 70 members who offer personal support to each other, improved access to health care and a safe and secure space for old people to meet. Our social work support also helps ensure Granny looks after herself and is well nourished by providing meals on wheels and home visits to incapacitated old people.

Medical Care

Families are assisted to access medical and dental services and funding is provided for medication. 


Sanitation and Clean Water

IThere is no running water or sewage system in the villages. We install toilets to prevent diseases associated with lack of sanitation.  The villagers use water pumps to draw water from the ground. This water needs to be boiled or filtered before drinking to make it safe. We provide water filters to the poorer families.  A health education program helps parents to understand the importance of clean water and sanitation. 

Micro Loans

Low interest loans enable villagers to establish small businesses.


House Repairs

Many of the children who attend Grace House live in houses made of palm leaves. These houses have a lifespan of approximately one year before the roof needs replacing; the families often cannot afford to repair the palm leaves so we help them when we can.

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Grace House Community Centre is a local Cambodian NGO and a charitable trust in England and Wales - Grace House Cambodia Trust