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Our Sponsorship programmes provides consistent support to families, children with a disability and our education programme.  Go to "enquire" to email us with an expression of interest and for more details of our current needs.

Sponsor a Family


Since 2005 there has been a 75% increase in the number of residential care facilities in Cambodia, many of these are in Siem Reap. Almost half the children placed in orphanages have one living parent. Poverty causes parents to give up their children while numerous reports show children fail to thrive in residential care. By supporting the family we give parents the opportunity to educate and feed their children, therefore maintaining the family unit. At Grace House we strongly believe in empowering the parents to provide for their children, this is why we ask you to sponsor a family NOT a child.

$40/£25 a month enables Grace House to provide an average family of 4 children with rice, medical costs and school fees. You can help by sponsoring a family for just $10/£7 a month.

Sponsor a Class


At Grace House we believe in partnerships with schools around the world. Several schools in the UK, Australia and Canada raise funds to support our classes. The aim is to have sponsorship for each of the 8 classes .

The funding pays for  school supplies, text books and maintenance of the classroom. If your school, youth club, college or university would like to get involved hit the enquire button.


Sponsorship starts at $30/£27

Sponsor a School Leaver

The young people at Grace House move on to study at university or learn a skill. In sponsoring a young person you help them achieve their dreams. A typical university course fees are $400/£250 a year plus living allowance of $50/£33 a month.


Vocational courses costs vary from $0 to $300/£200 but living allowance of $50/£33 a month is needed.


You can sponsor a young person for just $5 a month.

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