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Grace House was founded in 2008 and is located between Siem Reap and Tonle Sap in the Northwest of Cambodia. We provide both on site and outreach development services to the local community. Through education, family and community support we aim to improve the livelihoods of this generation and the next.

Our Mission


To give children opportunities to learn, develop and thrive regardless of gender, economic circumstances, religion or disability. To provide a place where those in the community can seek advice and support, in order to achieve a better future for themselves and for following generations.

Our Vision Statement

To provide supplementary education classes for all children in the community from ages 3-15. To broaden their learning and development, including topic areas such as literacy, numeracy, geography, computer skills and creative arts. To provide basic English lessons in order to improve opportunities for learning and job prospects.  To instil a passion for learning and creativity. For children and families to value education and to also receive a state school education.

To give children the opportunity to thrive including support for their mental health and physical wellbeing. To provide a safe and nurturing environment. Promoting equality, respect for themselves and others, resilience, and self-confidence. For the children to develop life skills and basic vocational skills and have a good level of hygiene.

To provide a safe, accessible, and interesting environment for children with special needs, including those with physical and learning disabilities. To offer opportunities for them to have a variety of experiences and develop their communication skills and understanding of the world. To develop their physical and self-care skills to enable them to become as independent as possible. To feel included and valued in society and to be able to express their opinion and be listened to. For the families of the children with special needs to have their concerns listened to and understood, and to receive advice on how to support their children’s individual needs and strategies to develop their independence.

For families in the community to all have access to clean drinking water. To receive guidance and support with health and wellbeing, including being signposted to other agencies when appropriate.

To provide micro loans to families to be able to set up their own business to generate income for their family, setting them up to become self-sustained.

Interested in sharing your skills?


Why not look further at our volunteer information. 

We are committed to providing a safe and learner-centered environment for all students and invite volunteers and visitors to become a part of our strong child protection systems.

Other ways to help

Let us know if you have an idea that could bring donations in or in any other way help Grace House and the community.

Grace House Location

Grace House is located in the Siem Reap province west of Siem Reap river and in-between the temple of Angkor Wat in the north and of lake Tonié Sap in the south. 

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