Grace House Community Centre works in a community between Siem Reap and Tonle Sap. Little of the tourist dollar reach the families who rely on subsistence farming and fishing.

 At Grace House we strongly  believe education and inclusion will improve the livelihoods of this generation and the next.

Our programmes start from early years and continue through to further education. We support the families ensuring children remain in education and stay in the family unit. Children with special needs have their own programmes which include education and alternative care.



New toilets

Our new toilets are now complete, with posh new basins and the water tank has been moved.

We are proud to present our Annual Report for 2018.  We extend our thanks to the GHCC staff, the UK Committee members, volunteers, local and international sponsors/ donors who all contribute in various ways to the work of Grace House.

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Grace House Community Centre is a local Cambodian NGO and a charitable trust in England and Wales - Grace House Cambodia Trust